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Meet David... 100 Million launches new film featuring 9-year-old child labourer

“The dollar I make, I give half to the household, and I save the other half... It is not safe here. Once in a while I get wounds.”

David is 9 years old. He is the youngest of four children and comes from Kenya.

During the pandemic his mother’s work dried up, so he started working at the local dump site to make extra money for food. His mother, Maureen, still works when she can, but as a casual labourer she has no reliable income and receives no job protection.

The 100 Million campaign launched a short film about David's life on 12 June, the World Day Against Child Labour. David is one of 16 million more 5-11 year-olds forced to work to survive since 2016. Youth activists in Kenya, working together for the Fair Share to End Child Labour campaign and supported by 100 Million, interviewed David and his mother earlier this year.

Watch his story here.


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